Curriculum Information

The University’s Curriculum Tracking Page is no longer functioning correctly. To submit new proposals, a completed and signed paper copy should be submitted to Chris Habrecht. You can contact Chris for more detailed instructions. A pdf of the completed form should also be sent to David Black, chair of the LLSS curriculum committee.

The Curriculum Committee for 2011-2012 is:

David Black, Chair
Michael Caruso
Linda Rouillard
Christine Habrecht, ex-officio

The curriculum proposals for the 2011-2012 academic year are:

Course Modifications:

ECON 5120 – passed Council 9-20-2011
ECON 5250 – passed Council 9-20-2011
ECON 5510 – passed Council 9-20-2011
ECON 5660 – passed Council 9-20-2011

New Courses:

MLS6970, Sample Syllabus (doc) – passed Council 11-15-2011

Program Modifications:

Psychology Graduate Program Revision – passed Council 11-1-2011
Psychology Undergraduate Program Revision – Original Proposal – amended by Council 11-1-2011
Psychology Undergraduate Program Revision – Amended Proposal – passed Council 11-1-2011


Proposals for LLSS Courses in Gen Ed Core approved by Curriculum Committee Chair ‐ October 2011

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