Next LLSSC Meeting Tues, December 13 @ 3:30 in SU2591

The LLSS Council will meet on Tuesday, December 13 at 3:30 in Student Union room 2591. Click on “Agendas/Meeting Materials” from the menu for links to the full agenda, draft minutes from the November 15 meeting, and a curriculum proposal that will be considered at the meeting. Along with the usual reports we will have a visit from Ben Pryor, Dean of the College of Innovative Learning, presentations on Writing Across the Curriculum and on Study Abroad Opportunities for faculty, and some words of tribute commemorating the recent passing of Dr. Robert Freeman Smith, Professor Emeritus in the History Department.


Sending Comments to the Higher Learning Commission

There are a couple of ways to send comments to the HLC prior to their site visit at the end of February if you wish to.

Professor Michael Dowd announced at Faculty Senate and at LLSS Council that an e-mail address ( has been created to which faculty, staff, or students could send comments which he would then forward to the Higher Learning Commission. If the commenter wishes to remain anonymous to the HLC, Dr. Dowd will forward the comment under his name with no identifying information about the individual who sent him the e-mail. So, if an individual doesn’t want his or her identity known to the HLC, this service is available. That e-mail address again –

The HLC has a page for “third-party” comments that has a form that can be filled out and submitted online. It also has the snail-mail address. The HLC comments page is

The HLC also has a separate page with instructions on how to send complaints about an institution at 

Finally, a reminder that information about the HLC review of UT, including the latest draft of the Self-Study is available online at

Next LLSSC Meeting Tues, November 15 @ 3:30 in SU2591

The LLSS Council will meet on Tuesday, November 15 at 3:30 in Student Union room 2591. Click on “Agenda/Materials for Meetings” from the menu for links to the full agenda, draft minutes from the November 1 meeting, and a curriculum proposals that will be considered at Tuesday’s meeting. We will also elect a replacement to fill a vacant LLSS seat on Faculty Senate.

The LLSS Council meeting scheduled for October 4 is canceled

The Executive Committee of the LLSS Council has decided to cancel the meeting scheduled for Tues, October 4 because there is no pressing business for Council at this time.  Since Council will not meet the week of Fall Break, the next meeting will be on Tues, November 1.

A reminder to send all Core Curriculum proposals to David Black

LLSS Council Chair and Chair of the Council Committee on Curriculum David Black, wants to remind anyone who is submitting proposals for the revised University Core Curriculum to first send the proposals to him so that he can sign off on them as the LLSS College curriculum authority. David will then forward the signed proposals to Faculty Senate.   Contact David Black if you have any questions.

The approved Rules of Procedure of the LLLS Council are posted

The Rules of Procedure of the Languages, Literature and Social Sciences Council which was approved at the September 20, 2011 LLSS Council meeting has been posted. Click on “Documents” from the menu to access the Rules, the College Constitution, and other important documents.

Next LLSSC Meeting Tues, September 20 @ 3:30 in SU2591

 The LLSS Council will meet on Tuesday, September 20 at 3:30 in Student Union room 2591. Click on “Agendas, etc.” from the top menu for links to the full agenda, draft minutes from the Sept 6 meeting, proposed changes to the Rules of Procedure for the LLSS Council, and curriculum proposals that will be considered at Tuesday’s meeting.  There will also be a presentation by Julia Martin from the library concerning the recently announced cancellation of certain electronic resources.

We still need volunteers to serve as members on Council commitees. If you are a member of LLSS Council and are willing to serve on the Curriculum Committee, the Elections Committee, or the Constitution and Rules Committee, please contact David Black or Michael Caruso.