Welcome to the new LLSS Council site

I have been unable to make changes to the A&S Council web site for weeks now.  I mentioned at the LLSS meeting on January 11 that I would investigate setting up a new site seperate from UT’s site because of all the problems I’ve been having with it.

I will be adding pages and links over the coming weeks and plan on posting agenda and updates on the main page as we go along. The exec committee and I will decide on how comments will be handled on the site.

Your feedback is welcome. If you have any suggestions concerning the new web site, I would love to hear them.

Mike Caruso


3 Responses to “Welcome to the new LLSS Council site”

  1. linda rouillard Says:

    The new website is great! Thanks for doing this, Mike.

    I’ve sent a link to an article in today’s Chronicle about university reform as articulated by the California Faculty Association.

  2. linda rouillard Says:

    Sorry, this is the link mentioned in my post above. http://qualityhighered.wordpress.com/about/#comment-2

    The following website will take you to a review of the new book Academically Adrift by Richard Arum.

  3. M Caruso Says:

    Thanks for the links, Linda. I am going to repost them as a main article.

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