Web articles that may be of interest

LLSS Council Chair Linda Rouillard suggested the following links that may be of interest.

An article in today’s Chronicle reported on the reaction to the university reform movement articulated by the California Faculty Association.  Here’s the link to the CFA site:  http://qualityhighered.wordpress.com/about/

The following website contains a review of the new book Academically Adrift by Richard Arum:


Next LLSSC Meeting Tues, Jan 25 @ 3:30 in SU2592

The LLSS Council will meet on Tuesday, January 25 at 3:30 in Student Union room 2592. We have three resolutions on (1) thanks to Rob Bruno, (2) withdrawal of IT support, and (3) qualifications of the Task Force chair.

Click on “Agendas, etc.” from the top menu for links to the full agenda (including draft resolutions), draft minutes from the Jan 11 meeting, and curriculum proposals that will be considered at Tuesday’s meeting.

Welcome to the new LLSS Council site

I have been unable to make changes to the A&S Council web site for weeks now.  I mentioned at the LLSS meeting on January 11 that I would investigate setting up a new site seperate from UT’s site because of all the problems I’ve been having with it.

I will be adding pages and links over the coming weeks and plan on posting agenda and updates on the main page as we go along. The exec committee and I will decide on how comments will be handled on the site.

Your feedback is welcome. If you have any suggestions concerning the new web site, I would love to hear them.

Mike Caruso